Claudia Schmidt

Claudia Schmidt

A Midwestern treasure.

Michigan native Claudia Schmidt has covered a lot of musical ground, beginning with a stirring rendition of "Tammy" at age 4 around a neighborhood bonfire. Then came years of choirs, a guitar, a dulcimer, and some theater thrown into the pot. Over four decades of mostly original songs exploring folk, blues, and jazz idioms, she has created a repertory full of the stuff of life itself. A musician who has always hated categories, Claudia describes herself as a "creative noisemaker." Her concerts are so unified and full of life that one critic has described a Claudia Schmidt concert as "a lot like falling in love. You never know what's going to happen next, chances are it's going to be wonderful, every moment is burned into your memory, and you know you'll never be the same again." We've seen both folk and jazz band shows from Claudia at The Ark, but this year, she writes, "I will be doing my solo show, which includes my voice, 12-string guitar and mountain dulcimer, some folky stuff, some jazzy stuff, poems, stories ... what I do best!"

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