Rachael Davis

Rachael Davis

Michigan songwriter and frequent Steppin' in It collaborator Rachael Davis was born in Lansing and grew up in Cadillac. What grabs you first about Rachael is the voice, with a bluesy richness that will make you pull off the road to listen. Add in some incisive songwriting, and you have a Michigan artist with a strong and growing following. Says songwriter Susan Werner: "We don't have Eva Cassidy anymore, but we do have Rachael Davis." Because Rachael has been swayed by so many different types of music, her style is difficult to file and will not languorously under broader musical genres. Rachael’s slant on acoustic music can aptly be explained by a cassette mixtape that her father played during her early childhood in the family’s Chevy Cavalier station wagon, “Iggy.” On one side of the cassette was the soundtrack for the film "The Big Chill"; on the other side was John Hartford’s “Aereo-Plane”. Countless hours of riding and listening during such a critical period for a receptive child had a lasting impression and thus created Rachael's very own category of acoustic music that she calls "Motown-Banjo."

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