Abigail Stauffer


Abigail Stauffer brings all of her experience to the stage. Chances are Abigail won't break your heart, but she will add color to a black-and-white memory. Every song is a captivating showcase of confidence and vulnerability, naturally crafting a balance of pain, hope, and joy. Her music and live performances hold so much emotion for her and the audience that you'll find it hard to believe to believe each song isn't written specifically about you. Finally: an artist who writes about the things that really matter—Abigail Stauffer will warm your heart and serenade your soul. Abigail opened for Shawn Colvin at The Ark last December, and if you're wondering where Michigan songwriting is going, look no further than tonight's show!

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Michigan Union Ticket Office (MUTO)
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General Admission: $15, Reserved: $22
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the ark

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