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Finvarra's Wren is one of North America's most exciting Irish quartets. Making music you might hear on the west coast of Ireland," this Detroit-based band has an intense dedication to their instruments and to Irish music. As a family-based group, Finvarra's Wren is capable of playing with a tightness and effortlessness that can evade other ensembles. Their performances have been described as "a swirl of musical tradition and performance energy." Finvarra's Wren has performed at many of North America's top music festivals and venues including the Kennedy Center, the Goderich Celtic Festival, BlissFest, and Celtic Fest Mississippi. Mississippi Celtic Festival Director Don Penzien says: "Finvarra’s Wren unequivocally ranks in topmost echelon of American bands performing Irish traditional music today." And take it from Jean Ritchie, who said that "Finvarra's Wren is lovely!"

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General Admission: $15, Reserved: $22
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