Shinyribs is Kevin "Shinyribs" Russell, frontman of the Austin musical combo The Gourds. Born in Beaumont Texas, and raised in the Church Of Christ, he found his calling in biker bars of Louisiana at the tender age of 17 playing a hybrid of loud country blues rock and psychedelic swamp jangle for the "grumpy ingrates congregated there." His regionally notorious band The Picket Line Coyotes played the college faux-chitlin' circuit until their demise in the early 1990s. The Gourds formed in 1994 and have become a favorite of the Americana/Hippie Jam/Genre Bending scenes of the last 20 years. Kevin began performing solo shows under the pseudonym Shinyribs as early as 2006. The name was given to him by a transient in return for a meal of BBQ Russell provided to her. After playing a monthly show in Houston for the last two years he has honed Shinyribs into one of the most interesting roots music experiences around. Stylistically it pulls from the spectrums of great American music; country, gospel, funk, and a dollop of poetry in the middle of it all. A revolving lineup of Austin talent has evolved into the current top-notch band: Gourd drummer Keith Langford, Cerebral Pony bassist Jeff Brown, and Kentucky Fried keyboard whiz Winfield Cheek.

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