Gifts of Art presents Paperweights & Studio Glass

UM-Dearborn Permanent Art Collection

Paperweights & Studio Glass from UM-Dearborn Permanent Art Collection

The American studio glass movement started in 1962 with glass workshops held at the Toledo Museum of Art. The workshops, taught by Harvey Littleton along with scientist Dominick Labino, introduced a small furnace built for working glass that made it possible for artists to work in independent studios. The studio glass movement quickly spread north to Michigan, and in 1982, a decision was made that studio glass would be the focus of the University of Michigan-Dearborn permanent art collection, which is housed at the Alfred Berkowitz Gallery. This exhibition is a portion of that collection, spotlighting studio glass art by major artists working in the medium, including Dominick Labino, Marvin Lipofsky and Richard Ritter.

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