Uncle Bonsai

Uncle Bonsai

The New York Times says Seattle's Uncle Bonsai "performs funny original songs whose exquisite musical detail and subtle needling wit attain a level of craft not often seen in pop." Uncle Bonsai's acoustic folk-pop songs are almost one-act plays or short stories, resisting strict pop, folk, or singer-songwriter categories. Now entering its 31st year, Uncle Bonsai continues to perform and release new material. In mid-2013 the group will release its first ever "bedtime book for grownups," The Monster in the Closet/Go To Sleep. This fully illustrated, reversible, hardcover book for parents, features two popular Uncle Bonsai songs, with artwork by members Arni Adler and Patrice O'Neill, and includes a recording of the songs. Their most recent audio release, "The Grim Parade", is a collection of live and studio performances of songs focused on the passing of time, the passing of genes, and the passing of pets—the truth of everything seemingly buried somewhere under the family tree.

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