Drake White and The Big Fire


Drake White is an aspiring singer-songwriter residing in Nashville, Tennessee. This Hokes Bluff, Alabama, native has a very different kind of country feel, with a freestyle twist on many of his original songs. He ad-libs throughout a show, phrasing rhythmic lyrics as his entertaining live show unfolds. Drake frequently involves the audience in his witty verbal craftsmanship of verbalization as well. This enthusiastic 27-year-old credits many country, blues, rock, freestyle, and bluegrass influences that have come together to form his unique style. Signed to the EMI label, Drake White is a God-fearing river rat beach bum who loves the outdoors and expresses this love through soulful lyrics that are music to the listener's ears. He also just might be the next big thing out of Music City.

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Michigan Union Ticket Office (MUTO)
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General Admission: $17, Reserved: $24
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