The Philadelphia Inquirer has praised Solas for "mind-blowing Irish folk music, maybe the world's best." This Irish and Irish-American Celtic supergroup has not only captured the hearts and ears of fans in Ireland and all around the globe with their blend of Celtic traditional music, folk and country melodies, bluesy, sometimes jazz-inspired improvisations, and global rhythms. Their fans beyond the Celtic sphere include hip-hop producer Timbaland, who sampled their music on his megahit "All Y'all." Solas came together in 1996 with no plans to tour or record, but popular demand led to international appearances and a series of acclaimed recordings. Solas comes to Michigan with a new release, "Shamrock City," which is part of a film project about the history of Butte, Montana. Come see the band the Boston Globe (which ought to know) called "the finest Celtic ensemble this country has ever produced."

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Michigan Union Ticket Office (MUTO)
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General Admission $22.50, Reserved $29.50
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