Cracking the Cosmic Code

Astronomy Distinguished Alumnus Lecture - Stacy McGaugh, Case Western Reserve University

Image of a starry sky with a windmill in the foreground. Inset: Stacy McGaugh of

For all of recorded history, and presumably well before that, people have been asking the Big Questions: What is the nature of the universe? How big is it? How old? What is our place in it?

For just as long, we've been making up answers. Every generation was convinced it got it right, and each in turn was proven wrong.

Stunning advances in modern cosmology finally appear to give definitive answers to some of the Big Questions. Professor McGaugh will explore the evidence supporting this picture, and ask whether we have finally got it right. History - and quite a lot of contradictory evidence - suggest we may still have a lot to learn.

After the lecture, please join the Student Astronomical Society for planetarium shows and observatory open house, 8 - 10 PM in Angell Hall.

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Department of Astronomy
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Lecture / Discussion
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