Infinite Mirror: Images of American Identity

Infinite Mirror

Artrain, Inc. and Arts at Michigan are pleased to present Infinite Mirror: Images of American Identity, a rich, reflective exhibition of works by 39 artists representing the vast cultural blend of modern American society.

Public Reception - Tuesday, November 12, at 5:00 p.m. followed by a Penny W. Stamps Special Lecture featuring Indira Frietas Johnson, Infinite Mirror artist, in the Penny W. Stamps Auditorium.

American artists of African, Arab, European, Asian, Latino and Native American descent explore their heritage in this vivid and diverse exhibition using a wide variety of media. Included are such internationally renowned artists as Tomie Arai, Elizabeth Catlett, Luis Jimenez, Indira Freitas Johnson and Faith Ringgold. The artists examine patriotism, communication, the struggle for acceptance, what it truly means to be an American in the 21st century and more. Humor, heartache, anger, apprehension—all emotions are evoked by these works, raising questions about race, class, gender and age.

Four main themes run through Infinite Mirror: Self-Selection, Pride, Assimilation and Protest, providing audiences with the opportunity to re-examine both the story and storytellers of the quintessential “American dream.” For more information on this exhibition, please visit

Gallery Hours Noon-6 M-F, Noon-5 Sunday

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