Gifts of Art presents Snap Line on Detroit: Ink on Rag Paper

Margi Weir

Snap Line on Detroit: Ink on Rag Paper by Margi Weir

Margi Weir began making drawings of ink and ink wash about 10 years ago using a technique that she calls snap line. A snap line is the mark made by dipping cotton twine into liquid ink or diluted ink, pulling it tight and snapping it against the paper in an action similar to plucking a guitar string. Some of the drawings in this exhibition explore the technique itself, and some describe the terrain in New Mexico where she lived before she moved to Detroit in 2009 to join Wayne State University faculty. In the most recent drawings, Weir studies the skeletons of buildings in Detroit and explores her fascination with empty spaces — the terrain vagues — left by the destruction and reclamation of Detroit's neighborhoods.

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