Hoodang blends traditional hard country, honky-tonk, Delta blues, Western swing, and bluegrass with contemporary alt-country influences. The unique Hoodang sound features darkly wry lyrics, set to driving acoustic and electric music that runs the gamut from blistering country blues to twisted, heartworn ballads. Writes local critic Will Stewart: "On 'Blissfield, the long-awaited new record by Hoodang, singer-songwriter David Rossiter paints his songs with dust in his brushes and sings them with gravel in his throat. David Keeney, a guitarist of unusual depth, contributes some fine songwriting of his own, giving Hoodang that all-important second voice. 'Blissfield' is a sonic 'Last Picture Show,' an aural Walker Evans photograph. It’s a remarkable record and it re-establishes Hoodang as the standard bearer for dignified Americana music in southeast Michigan."

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General Admission: $15, Reserved: $22
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