Diego Figueiredo

Diego Figueiredo Diego Figueiredo
Diego Figueiredo (pronounced fig-a-reed-o) is one of the most talented guitar players in the world today. He is the winner of several important competitions, including the Montreux Jazz Competition and the VISA Prize. Diego has released over nineteen albums to date, three DVD’s, and several instructional books. His music is a fusion of jazz, bossa nova, and classical. Diego’s unique interpretations, along with his phenomenal technique and level of emotion, has created an explosion of adoring fans and concertgoers, and he has performed in over forty countries around the world. Diego Figueiredo was born in Franca, Brazil in 1980. At the age of four he used to strike poses carrying his small guitar. At six, he received a mandolin, which was kept in a very special place in his house. Diego played many instruments before choosing the electric guitar when he was twelve. By the age of fifteen, he was playing theaters and nightclubs throughout Brazil, playing both solo and with many renowned Brazilian musicians. Banda Gênese and Squema Seis from Brasília. He has studied classical guitar, Brazilian popular music, and jazz in several different conservatories including the Berklee College of Music.

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