The Chenille Sisters

The Chenille Sisters are a little bit Andrews Sisters, a little bit Supremes, and a little bit Roches, with honeyed harmonies from bygone days and a big dose of modern attitude and zany humor. Every show they do around town these days is a bit of a party, and if you've never experienced one, a splendid time is guaranteed for all. Grace Morand, Cheryl Dawdy, and Connie Huber have performed on "A Prairie Home Companion" and had their own Emmy-winning PBS special, "Makin' Rhythm." Each Chenilles show is a bit different, and lately they've added some serious vocal-jazz chops to their repertoire. You may have noticed that female vocal trios are quite the rage these days, but Michigan's own Chenille sisters were doing it right, way before it was cool. The Chenilles recently released their 12th album, "May I Suggest."
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  • General Admission: $20, Reserved: $27