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Shawn Phillips helped define folk-rock in the sixties and progressive-new-age rock in the seventies. He co-wrote a lot of Donovan's "Sunshine Superman" LP, introduced the sitar to pop music, and sang on "Lovely Rita." Since then he's recorded more than 20 albums that draw organically on folk-rock, jazz, progressive, pop, and classical styles. Shawn was born in Texas, lived for a decade in Italy, and now works as a firefighter and EMT in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, where he remains very much creatively active and issues new music from his home studio. Bruce Eder of the All Music Guide calls him "one of most fascinating and enigmatic musicians to come out of the early '70s singer-songwriter boom," and even if you can't fit him into any other category, he definitely belongs in the one labeled Musicians to See When You Have the Chance. Shawn comes to Michigan with a new double CD, "Perspective."
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  • $20, $27

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Off Campus Location - The Ark

July 2013


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