Symphony Band with U-M Combined Choirs

Jerry Blackstone and Michael Haithcock, conductors. Jeannette Fang, piano Pre-concert lecture at 7:15 in the Lower Lobby. The poetry of 13th-century Persian author, jurist, and theologian Rumi provides the text for Christopher Theofanidis’ evocative and majestic work for chorus and winds. The wide-ranging emotions of Rumi’s text are complemented by the sublimity of Bach’s composition for organ while Olivier Messiaen’s birdsongs and John Mackey’s tribute to the grandeur of Mt. McKinley underscore the universal and transcendental nature of Rumi’s poetry. PROGRAM: Bach - Fantasia and Fugue in C Minor, BWV 537; Messiaen - Oiseaux exotiques Jeannette Fang (piano); Mackey - The Frozen Cathedral; Theofanidis – The Here and Now
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