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Dept. of Astronomy 2017/2018 Astronomy Colloquium Series

Dr. Raja Guha Thakurta, Professor/Astronomer, UCO/Lick Observatory, Dept. of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of California Santa Cruz

Dr. Raja Guha Thakurta Dr. Raja Guha Thakurta
The Stellar Halos of Galaxies

I will present results from a few ongoing surveys of the structure/substructure, dynamics, and chemical abundance of the stellar halos and disk-halo interfaces of galaxies. The surveys include: (1) the HALO7D survey of the outer halo of the Milky Way, which combines HST based proper motions with Keck/DEIMOS radial velocities to obtain 3D stellar kinematics; (2) the HST based PHAT survey and Keck/DEIMOS based SPLASH survey of M31's halo and disk; (3) the Magellan/MegaCam and Keck/DEIMOS based PISCeS survey of NGC 253, M81, and Centaurus A in nearby galaxy groups; and (4) the CHFT/MegaCam and Keck/DEIMOS based NGVS project, with a specific focus on dwarf early type galaxies and the remote outskirts of M87.

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When and Where

Map West Hall - 411

September 2017

3:40pm - 4:30pm

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