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Department of Astronomy pres.

Astronomy Colloquium Series Presents

Dr. Vicky Kalogera, Daniel I. Linzer Distinguished University Professor, Northwestern University

Dr. Vicky Kalogera Dr. Vicky Kalogera
Dr. Vicky Kalogera
“Probing Compact Objects with Gravitational Waves”

The detection of gravitational waves by ground-based interferometric detectors has by now revealed a previously unobserved population of merging black holes and has firmly linked the mergers of neutron stars with gamma-ray bursts and heavy element production. I will review the most current gravitational-wave discoveries, the measured physical properties of the compact objects involved and how these measurements enable us to probe the astrophysics of compact objects, and constrain models of massive-star evolution. I will conclude with our expectations for further discoveries as the sensitivity of detectors continues to improve.

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