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Department of Astronomy pres.

Astronomy Colloquium Series Presents

Dr. Alexey Vikhlinhin, Deputy Associate Director of the High Energy Astrophysics Division, Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics

Dr. Alexey Vikhlinhin Dr. Alexey Vikhlinhin
Dr. Alexey Vikhlinhin
“Revealing the Invisible Universe with Lynx”

The next-generation X-ray observatory Lynx will provide unprecedented X-ray vision into the otherwise invisible Universe with unique power to directly observe the dawn of supermassive black holes, reveal the drivers of galaxy formation, trace stellar activity including effects on planet habitability, and transform our knowledge of endpoints of stellar evolution. In this talk, I will describe how these science goals will be enabled by a mission design that combines lightweight X-ray mirrors with a high-definition X-ray imager with 0.5” pixels, a microcalorimeter with 0.3 eV energy resolution, and a large effective area grating spectrometer with a resolving power of 5000. Just as importantly, these features will facilitate a broadly capable observatory for the community that is able to tackle not only the known outstanding key science questions but whatever new problems are revealed in the coming decade.

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