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Department of Astronomy pres.

Astronomy Colloquium Series Presents

Dr. Dylan Nelson, Postdoctoral Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics

Dr. Dylan Nelson Dr. Dylan Nelson
Dr. Dylan Nelson
IllustrisTNG: the next generation of galaxy formation simulations

I will present our recent numerical efforts to simulate galaxies and large-scale cosmic structure with the moving mesh code AREPO -- in particular, the IllustrisTNG project ( This is a series of gravo-magnetohydrodynamical cosmological volumes which enable us to simultaneously resolve the internal structure of galaxies at hundred parsec scales, while also capturing the full diversity of entire galaxy populations: from smaller dwarfs, through Milky Way analogs, up to the most massive ellipticals in the centers of groups and clusters. I will discuss our methods, outcomes, and what it means to successfully reproduce a "realistic" simulated galaxy population. I will then focus on TNG50, the third and final TNG simulation, which for the first time bridges the gap between cosmological volumes and high-resolution zoom simulations of individual galaxies. I will highlight results and novel physical insights focused on galactic feedback, outflows, and winds from supernovae and supermassive blackholes, as well as the assembly of galactic disks and the evolution of galaxy morphologies across cosmic time.

Please note: Should you require any reasonable accommodations to ensure equal access and opportunity related to this event please contact Stacy Tiburzi at 734-764-3440 or

Tea will be served beforehand from 3:00-3:30pm in Serpens.
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