Religion, Identity, and Politics

Convened by Anna Grzymala-Busse, Weiser Center for Emerging Democracies director and Professor of Political Science.

The goal of the conference is to re-examine and to rethink the mutual constitution of religion and politics, and to stimulate a lively discussion of several issues:

* how religion differs from ethnic, linguistic, or national identities

* how doctrine matters: in the growth of some religions, in its impact on public policy and political institutions, and in its trans-national impact

* how states regulate religion, and the difference between favoring some religions and privileging others

* how organized religion affects electoral cleavages, state institutions, and redistributive policies (and vice versa), and

* the rise of "fundamentalisms" -- when, where, and why do they arise?

The conference will consist both of panels, where faculty members present short, provocative papers, and a poster session, where graduate students will present their research in progress.

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