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The University of Michigan Events Calendar

Today, September 23rd, 2014


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New Events Today

  • Facebook: Part 1 - Introduction

    Plus history, security

    This three-part program will enable you to learn how to securely use Facebook to keep in close contact with friends and family members. In...

  • 3rd Annual Fall Health & Wellness Fair

    Sponsored by MHealthy Champions of B&F and UM Law School

    Fall Health & Wellness Fair...

  • exhibition
    Careers / Jobs

    Workshop: Quick Question Advising - Fall Expo, Recruiting and Job Search Edition!

    Have a quick question or two, as you prepare for Career Expo and Fall Recruiting?...

  • LRCCS Noon Lecture Series

    "Captured Alive (Huozhuo)": A Kunqu Performance of Chinese Adulterers and Adulteresses (Jianfu yinfu)

    Speaker: Joseph Lam, Director of the Confucius Institute at U-M, Professor of Musicology, University of Michigan...

  • exhibition
    Workshop / Seminar

    Department of Biological Chemistry Seminar Series

    William F. Marzluff Jr. Seminar

    Dr. William Marzluff, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill will be presenting a seminar titled: "Birth and Death of Histone mRNAs:...

  • exhibition
    Careers / Jobs

    Career Fair Day: Law Day 2014

    2014 Law Day Event Day: Law Day 2014 Event Type: Career Fair Attendee Type: Employer

  • When Women Succeed, America Succeeds: Why We Need a Women's Economic Agenda

    The Twink Frey Visiting Social Activist

    Featuring Nancy Duff Campbell, Co-President, National Women's Law Center and 2014 Visiting Social Activist, Center for the Education of...

  • Banned Books Week: A Conversation About Comics & Censorship

    Jim Ottaviani, librarian and author of non-fiction graphic novels, interviews noted comics creator and Associate Professor Phoebe Gloeckner...

  • WCED Lecture

    Local Shocks: The Far Right in the 2014 European Elections

    Cas Mudde, associate professor of international affairs, University of Georgia...

  • exhibition
    Lecture / Discussion

    Ann Arbor Padnos Lecture: "Between State and Folk: The Making of a Soviet Jewish Ethnographer"

    Deborah Yalen, Louis & Helen Padnos Visiting Professor in Judaic Studies, Colorado State University

    This lecture traces the intellectual journey of an aspiring Jewish scholar from modest beginnings in the former Pale of Settlement to a...

  • exhibition
    Class / Instruction

    Moving from Career Success to Retirement Success

    Please go here to register:

  • exhibition
    Careers / Jobs

    Workshop: Resume Review Night at the Career Center

    Schedule an appointment to have your resume critiqued in time for Career Expo!...

  • exhibition
    Careers / Jobs

    Info. Session: Goldman Sachs

    Employer: Goldman Sachs...

  • exhibition
    Careers / Jobs

    Workshop: Gearing Up for the Fall Career Expo

    Come find out more about the Fall Career Expo. Learn what to expect and how to prepare!

  • Group Study Night

    Come study with your fellow Scientistas for any class, work on essays, homework, etc. any time tonight from 7pm - 11pm in Room 2122 of the...

  • Outrage Dance Auditions!

    Do you love to dance? Then come audition for Outrage! When: Tuesday, September 23rd 7:30-10:30 PM. Registration and open stretching starts...

  • exhibition
    Lecture / Discussion

    Sally Fleming Masterclass: Damon Gupton

    An exploration of his dual career in music and theatre, film & television. SMTD alum and Detroit native, Damon Gupton will take questions...

  • Author – Howard Willens: History will Prove us Right: Inside the Warren Commission Report on the Assassination of John F. Kennedy

    On November 22, 1963, President John F. Kennedy was murdered in front of hundreds of onlookers. Everything was over in mere seconds, but the...

  • exhibition

    University Philharmonia Orchestra

    Oriol Sans, conductor Pre-concert lecture at 7:15 PM in the Lower Lobby. The program features Weber’s rarely heard Overture and...

  • exhibition

    Young Life College

    Come to YL College! We can't wait to meet you (and of course grab some coffee with you)!

  • Ongoing Attractions and Exhibits