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Today, November 23rd, 2014


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New Events Today

  • exhibition

    Wayne State Open

    Wayne State Open

  • exhibition

    Tournament at Michigan State

    One-day tournament at Michigan State University

  • exhibition
    Sporting Event
  • exhibition
    Lecture / Discussion

    Don Chisholm Jazz Vocal Masterclass Series: Jackie Ryan

    Jackie Ryan has been profiled as the featured artist for NPR, Voice of America, Primetime A&E and CNN TV en Español and has filled premier...

  • UM Biweekly 6: A Super Smash Bros. Melee Tournament

    Please visit our Facebook event for more information!

  • exhibition
    Lecture / Discussion


    主讲人:李韦 内容简介:自习大大当政以来,习大大的语录、习大大的漫画、习大大喜欢足球、习大大和彭麻麻的八卦等等成为全民热议的话题。如今,大陆掀起了学习习大大系列讲话的热潮,官方更是将其定为当下的指导思想之一。那么习大大到底讲了那些话?在这些讲话中,习大大是怎样解读当下中国所面临的问题的,又透露了哪些执政理念?众所周知,习大大是标准的红二代,当过村支书,又娶了红遍大江南北的彭麻麻,他的家庭背景和从政经历与他如今的执政理念有怎样的关联?带着这些问题,本次沙龙将从习大大说的那些话儿入手,与大家聊聊习大大的那些事儿。主讲人不是科班生,只是对政治感兴趣,旨在与大家分享一些观点和心得,欢迎感兴趣的同学一起来交流。  时间:11月23日本周日下午2点地点:中校区Shapiro...

  • Guided Tour: Fred Tomaselli: The Times

    Fred Tomaselli’s works rearrange realities, commingling elements of reality and surreality. His work draws on a wide range of sources....

  • exhibition

    YETE Concert

    The Youth Euphonium and Tuba Ensemble (YETE) was started in 2011 and is composed of junior high and high school euphonium and tuba players...

  • UMS Choral Union: Yuja Wang, piano and Leonidas Kavakos, violin

    “This was an outstanding evening: bliss from start to finish.” (The Guardian) This joint recital brings together the 27-year-old...

  • Home Away From Home: A Thanksgiving Dinner

    It's that time of the year again for giving thanks and giving back. Join the IllustriouZ LadieZ for a Thanksgiving dinner Sunday November...

  • exhibition

    Orpheus Singers

    Graduate student choral conductors will conduct....

  • An Evening w/Los Lobos

    18th Annual Fall Fundraiser...

  • Ongoing Attractions and Exhibits