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Bill Frisell can be a hard musician to classify. You'll find him in the jazz bins (or at the jazz link), and he's been called the most brilliant jazz guitarist since Wes Montgomery. But he's the kind of jazz musician who looks outward to other music, and his guitar can do just about anything, from any genre. It can approximate the sound of a country steel guitar, can wail the blues, can break new ground in music like Jimi Hendrix did. And he plays his own compositions, each one intricately woven into the capabilities of his instrument. As a collaborator, Bill Frisell is one of the most sought-after voices in contemporary guitar. His Ark shows have an intimacy that's hard to find at his dates in larger cities. The New York Times sums it up: "It's hard to find a more fruitful meditation on American music than in the compositions of guitarist Bill Frisell."

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