The Handsome Family

Handsome Family

The Handsome Family consists of Brett and Rennie Sparks, who live in Albuquerque and have been married for two decades. Sometimes they perform with up to a six-piece band, and sometimes it's only Brett and Rennie with a laptop computer. Says Britain's NME magazine: "Each song is like an abridged Flannery O'Connor story read aloud by Johnny Cash, hovering somewhere between the metaphysical and the mundane." Enter the dark forest of The Handsome Family and let the beautiful branches surround you. This is haunting music in the most wonderful way— brilliant, emotionally charged, and absolutely unique. May 2013 brings the release of The Handsome Family’s "Wilderness," a record about animals (frogs, flies, wildebeest, octopuses, lizards ...), but in lyricist Rennie Sparks’s hands the wonders of nature are intertwined with true stories of Stephen Foster’s death in a Bowery flophouse, General Custer’s shiny boots as he lay dead on a Montana prairie, and the capture of Mary Sweeney, the Wisconsin Window Smasher of 1896. Danny Barnes of The Bad Livers makes a rare area appearance as an opener!

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