Bill Bynum & Co.

Downriver Wayne County resident Bill Bynum writes hardcore country and bluegrass songs steeped in the music his Southern-migrant parents brought to Detroit. Bill was recently profiled by the Associated Press, and both his calendar and the venues he plays have been growing more crowded lately. "My music is kind of a Southern roots-based acoustic music, but I feel like I am very hard to box into a category,'' he says. "There's more emotional content to my music than probably most people's.'' It's the truth! Bill's band includes local veterans Mary Seelhorst on fiddle, John Lang on pedal steel, and Chuck Anderson on bass. With songs both traditional and original, and a sound that's at once as comfortable as old jeans and as fresh as a new blade of grass, Bill Bynum & Co. is a band that’s easy to love and hard to quit.

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General Admission: $15, Reserved: $22
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