The Orange Revolution in Ukraine: Presidential Campaign Memorabilia

Youth protester chains herself to Independence Square during the 2004 Orange Rev

The Orange Revolution exhibit includes campaign memorabilia from the 2004 presidential elections in Ukraine such as brochures, posters, the ubiquitous orange scarf, t-shirts, bumper stickers, postcards, pins, etc. The exhibit offers a small sampling of campaign rhetoric for and against each of the presidential candidates -- Yushchenko and Yanukovich. Yuschchenko was the pro-democracy and pro-Western candidate, while Yanukovich was backed by the pro-communist, authoritarian Ukrainian regime. The first round of voting took place in November 2004, however, the results were nullified by the Supreme Court when it determined that there was widespread election fraud. Viktor Yushchenko won the presidency during the second round of voting in December 2004. Visitors will also read about the experiences of two election observers from Michigan who were in Ukraine during those heady days of change.

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