Kunlun Wild Life: Photography Exhibition

Photo courtesy of the Kunlun National Park, China

The Qinghai Province is China’s most ethnically diverse and the least-populated of all Chinese provinces. The area is similar to Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah, except that 19,000 - foot mountain peaks, high plains, sheep herders, wild yaks, camels, temples, monks, and small farms sparsely spread in the region. Currently the Kunlun National Park is being developed in partnership with Yellowstone National Park in an effort to preserve the natural wonders and the wildlife of the Kunlun Mountains. There will be 100 plus captivating photographs showcasing the mystery and beauty of mountain life and environments of the Kunlun National Park. Kunlun Wild Life photography exhibition will be held at two different locations: 10/12-10/31 at the Art Lounge at the Michigan Union and 10/21 – 11/9 at Atrium 4 at Palmer Commons. Mr. MA Weidong, a philanthropist and the founder of the Kunlun National Park, will give a presentation entitled “Beautiful Landscape: Kunlun National Park” on Wednesday, 12 pm, October 16 at the Art Lounge, Michigan Union. For further information, contact confucius@umich.edu.

Exhibition locations and times:

10/12 -10/31 - Art Lounge at the Michigan Union: 530 S. State St.

10/21- 11/9 - Atrium 4 at Palmer Commons, 100 Washtenaw Ave.

Exhibition grand opening presentation:

Wednesday 10/16, 12 pm - Art Lounge at the Michigan Union: 530 S. State St.

* This exhibition is co-sponsored by the Center for Campus Involvement.

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