Yiddishe Cup

Reviving the wacky Jewish humor of the '50s and '60s by parodying everything from cha-cha to doo-wop to rock, Northeast Ohio's Yiddishe Cup is also one of the tightest, most vigorous klezmer bands around. Year after year they wind up on Jewish-music ten-best lists, and their live shows are legendary. Get ready for songs like "Gentile on My Mind" or "K'nock Around the Clock"! But they can also play it straight, bringing the energy and tradition of klezmer music to their delighted audiences. Says no less an authority than the late cartoonist Harvey Pekar: "Yiddishe Cup plays cleanly and enthusiastically. Clearly its members are enjoying themselves." The shtickmeister—a klezmer dancer who leads the audience in dancing—will be in the house! Yiddishe Cup clarinetist Bert Stratton was one of the founders of the Ann Arbor Blues and Jazz Festival.

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General Admission: $20, Reserved: $27
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