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Presented By: Life After Grad School Seminars

LAGS Seminar | Industrial Experience and Technical Discussion on Induced Polarization for Subsurface Characterization

Qiuzi Li (ExxonMobil)

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There has been substantial interest in applying induced polarization phenomena, which broadly include electrode and membrane polarization, to characterize organic contamination and biogeochemical environments. The presence of dispersed electronically conductive grains contributes to the electrode polarization, which arises due to the capacitive charging of the Stern Layer at the conductor-electrolyte interface. On the other hand, the membrane polarization is driven by spatial inhomogeneity in the ionic transferences, i.e., the proportion of current carried by the cation vs. the anion. Several phenomenological models, semi-quantitative models, and models for particular pore shapes have been proposed for understanding induced polarization. Here, we developed theoretical frameworks to quantitatively explain electrode and membrane polarization based on insights from experiments on model systems. We obtained quantitative agreement between experiment and theory, not just for characteristic frequencies and amplitudes, but for the entire spectral shape of the phase angle between electric field and current density.

Biography: Dr. Qiuzi Li obtained BS in physics from Zhejiang University and Ph.D. in Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics from the University of Maryland-College Park. Her graduate research covered four distinct research areas: transport in disordered mesoscopic systems with a primary focus on graphene, quantum computation, three-dimensional topological insulators, and cold dipolar molecules. She is now pursuing a part-time MBA at Rutgers University concentrating on supply chain management and technology commercialization and entrepreneurship. Qiuzi joined ExxonMobil in 2013. Her primary research centers on the development of new methods for subsurface characterizations. Along the way, she invented a magneto-seismic method for detecting hydrocarbons and developed a fundamental understanding of the induced polarization exploration method. She has also developed a quantitative theory for modeling fluid flow effects on seismic, transport mechanisms in unconventional reservoir rocks, and oil recovery for mixed macro-and micro-pore carbonate reservoirs. Currently she leads the geological carbon storage program. In addition, Qiuzi served on the Committee on the Status of Women in Physics of American Physical Society. She also served as Chair of the New Professional Program group and the President of Asian Connection for Excellence (an Employee Resource Group at ExxonMobil). She recently awarded 2022 Distinguished Lectureship on Application of Physics by the American Physical Society.

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