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Adding Events

To add an event to the calendar, your uniqname must be affiliated with an authorized group account. If you belong to a department or student organization and your group already has an account, ask the group manager to add your uniqname to the member list. If your organization or department is new to UM Events, you must sign up using our application form. Request a group

Note: Authorization requests are sent to Campus Information, and usually responded to within 24 - 48 hours. You will receive a confirmation via email.

Requirements for becoming an Authorized Group on UM Events

  • You and your organization must have a direct, current relationship with the University of Michigan.
  • This constitutes one of the following conditions being met:
  • Current enrollment at the University of Michigan
  • You are currently staff or faculty at the University of Michigan
  • You are the a member or representative of a student organization at UM currently registered with the Center for Campus Involvement.
  • Organization name (within the calendar) should be easily to understand, acronyms can be confusing.

Flagging Events as Inappropriate

The Events Calendar is a community calendar, and should be used to promote events that benefit the community as a whole. Events found inappropriate can be “flag” as inappropriate. Flagged events will be reviewed by the Director of Campus Information and a determination will be made whether to remove the event or not. Flagging events can also be used when an error is found, by adding a comment once the event has been flagged.

Uploading Images

Maximum recommended image size should not exceed 1800 x 1350
Minimum recommended image size should be no smaller than 760 x 570

We do not recommend using a vertical image. Horizontal/landscape images are optimal. If submitted, a vertical image it should be no less than 760 pixels wide. Any vertical image will be automatically cropped from the center of the image, and important areas may be omitted.

Images that do not meet the minimum size may appear highly pixelated and are unlikely to be featured.

Recommended file formats JPG or PNG
Images should not have transparency.