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Presented By: Department of Molecular, Cellular, and Developmental Biology

Connell Memorial Lecture> Ribosome collisions as a signaling hub to impact cell fate

Rachel Green, Johns Hopkins University

portrait of Rachel Green in lab portrait of Rachel Green in lab
portrait of Rachel Green in lab
Rachel Green began her scientific career majoring in chemistry as an undergraduate at the University of Michigan. Her doctoral work was performed at Harvard in the laboratory of Jack Szostak where she studied RNA enzymes and developed methodologies for evolving RNAs in vitro. She came to the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in 1998 following post-doctoral work in Harry Noller’s lab at University of California Santa Cruz where she began her work on ribosomes. Her laboratory is interested in deciphering the molecular mechanisms that are at the heart of protein synthesis and its regulation across biology. Most recently, her work has focused on ribosome-mediated quality control systems that are triggered on difficult-to-translate mRNA sequences deriving from genetic or environmental insults. She has found that such translational distress leads not only to mRNA-specific QC events, but also to the activation of cell-wide signaling and transcriptional responses, mediated by factors that specifically bind to colliding ribosomes. Her laboratory uses both biochemical, genetic, proteomic and genomic approaches to get at these questions in bacterial and eukaryotic systems.

She is a Bloomberg Distinguished Professor of molecular biology and genetics at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and a HHMI Investigator.

Lecture is made possible by a gift from her family in memory of Priscilla Connell, a renowned nature photography.

Host: Morgan DeSantis
portrait of Rachel Green in lab portrait of Rachel Green in lab
portrait of Rachel Green in lab

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