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Presented By: Institute for the Humanities

"Orkideh's Comical Character Parade"

Orkideh Torabi, Jean Yokes Woodhead Visiting Fellow

Orkideh Torabi Orkideh Torabi
Orkideh Torabi
As part of her residency at the Institute for the Humanities, Orkideh Torabi is heading to the U-M Dearborn campus. In this talk, she will delve into the transition of her focus from gender-segregated spaces to the exploration of power dynamics and governance while taking a broader perspective on society. She will focus on two paintings that embody this societal paradox and explore how her art challenges conventional notions of femininity, power, and identity, achieved by blending Persian miniature art with contemporary imagery.

The talk will be followed by a strolling reception and the opportunity to talk to the artist and view her work.

About Orkideh Torabi:
Orkideh Torabi, a native of Tehran, Iran, began her artistic journey in her hometown. She obtained an MFA in graphic design and illustration from the University of Art in Tehran and served as a faculty member there for seven years. Eager to explore new horizons, Torabi made the bold decision to relocate to the United States, driven by her passion to advance her artistic career. She completed her second MFA in 2016 at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Presently, Torabi resides and works in Brooklyn, New York, channeling her artistic vision and enriching the cultural landscape of her new home.

Through her vibrant and intricate paintings, Torabi challenges traditional notions of femininity, power dynamics, and identity. Her unique artistic style blends elements of Persian miniature painting with contemporary imagery, blurring the boundaries between the past and the present.

In her artistic practice, she embraces the role of a storyteller, recognizing the integral role that narration plays in her paintings. Within her work, she has crafted a diverse array of whimsical characters, each with their own unique backstory and personality. For her, the canvas becomes a stage, and her paintings take on the essence of a captivating play or theatrical scene, with these characters serving as the ensemble cast, each playing their distinct role.

Orkideh Torabi is the 2023 Jean Yokes Woodhead Visting Fellow at the Institute for the Humanities. This event is part of the LSA's fall 2023 Arts & Resistance theme semester.

Many thanks to the following units at UM- Dearborn for their support of this event: Arabic Studies, Art History, Center for Arab American Studies, Honors Program, the Art Collections and Exhibitions Department/ Stamelos Gallery Center, Middle East Studies, Women and Gender Studies.

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