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Presented By: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEB Tuesday Lunch Seminar with Melanie Esch, Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Postdoctoral Fellow, Allgeier Lab

Assessing the invasion risk of current and future alien marine fishes to reefs of the western Atlantic

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This event is a part of our ongoing Lunch Tuesday seminar series.

About: Alien species represent a major threat to biodiversity worldwide through a myriad of effects such as altering fundamental ecological processes, transforming habitats, and changing community structure through competition, predation, and grazing. In this talk, Esch will provide examples of a variety of tools used (species distribution modeling, photogrammetry, respirometry, etc.) to assess the invasion risk
of marine fishes in the aquarium trade and of a newly established alien marine fish to coral reefs in the western Atlantic. These tools can provide insight for management action regarding alien species.

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