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Presented By: U-M Industrial & Operations Engineering

899 Seminar Series: Jasper van der Waa

The human factor in human-AI teaming; An overview of TNO research

Jasper van der Waa Jasper van der Waa
Jasper van der Waa
Presenter Bio:

Dr. Jasper van der Waa is a researcher at the Dutch applied research institute TNO on human-AI interaction and collaboration. He heads the Hybrid Intelligence lab on augmenting human capabilities through AI support systems in health care. He leads TNO's research programs on Explainable AI and AI Safety for high-risk applications of AI in health care, the military, and autonomous vehicles. He advises various ministries and companies on how to design and develop AI applications in responsible and human-centric ways. Lastly, he is involved as a senior researcher in various EU Horizon programs focusing on the development of support systems for the maritime domain. During his visit at U-M, he explores possible collaborations between U-M and TNO on the above topics.


The collaboration between humans and AI can augment both human and AI capabilities while ensuring the responsible and safe use of AI in safety-critical applications. The design of a successful collaboration requires the combined understanding of human factors and technology embedded in the application context. This talk will present an overview of the work at TNO on human-AI collaboration from this perspective, touching on a wide range of topics such as meaningful control, co-learning, design methodologies, and task allocation. Especially the role of explanations for human-AI collaboration will be discussed. An argument is made on how the field of Explainable AI should broaden its goal from increasing trust to letting explanations serve as the basis of collaboration.
Jasper van der Waa Jasper van der Waa
Jasper van der Waa

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