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Presented By: Quantum Research Institute

Quantum Research Institute Seminar | Building a Quantum World with Trapped Ions

Norbert Linke, Duke Quantum Center (DQC)

Seminar flyer Seminar flyer
Seminar flyer
Dr. Norbert M. Linke, Assistant Professor of Physics at the Duke Quantum Center (DQC), will be presenting "Building a Quantum World with Trapped Ions" as part of the Quantum Research Institute's winter seminar series on February 22nd, from 11am - noon in the Boulevard Room (1st Floor) at Pierpont Commons. A Zoom option is also provided.

Seminar Description:
This talk will describe the development of an atomic physics experiment into a quantum computer and quantum simulator. Our system is based on a chain of 171Yb+ ions with individual laser beam addressing. This fully connected device can be configured to run any sequence of single- and two-qubit gates, making it in effect an arbitrarily programmable quantum computer. The high degree of control can be used for digital quantum circuits, but also for analog and hybrid quantum simulations, including quantum-classical optimization routines. We operate this machine in user-facility mode, working with many external collaborators and growing its capabilities with every new application. I will present recent results from a lattice gauge theory simulation. Finally, I will describe our effort towards networking ion trap quantum computers in a city-sized network for new quantum technology applications.

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