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Presented By: Sessions @ Michigan

Honors in the Arts: Winter 2024

Honors in the Arts: Winter 2024, Upcoming Event OpportunityFriday, April 12th @ 8PM ● SMTD Performance of Chekov's The Cherry Orchard ● Happening at the Artur Miller Theatre on North Campus

Anton Chekhov’s The Cherry Orchard is considered one of the great classic works of Russian theater, having been translated into countless languages and produced all over the world. Participation followed by a written reflection (reflection to be provided via email the week of, due by 4/19) counts as one HIA event.For those interested in another HIA event to earn an engagement point, please register below at the bottom of this page! If you require an accessibility ticket, please email Bennet Johnson at, after you register at the bottom of this page.Honors in the Arts: Winter 2024, Past Event OpportunitiesAs a part of the GeekLife Engagement Series, Honors in the Arts (HIA) is a great way to join your Honors peers to explore various forms of art and discuss your reactions, opinions, and thought-provoking moments.Four HIA events are available this winter term. Students are able to earn one Sophomore Engagement Point by attending any two events and engaging in the associated discussions or reflections offered through this series during a given term. (You may attend more than two events, but only one point is possible from HIA this term.)Thursday, February 22 @ 3pm ● Flash UMMA Visit ● Happened at the UMMAJoin Honors advisors Lisa Broome and John Cantú for an (approximately) hour-long, three-part “get to know U” sampler event at UMMA. We’ll move quickly through the museum, discussing art through a game, then discuss a single piece in a current exhibit, and finally we’ll spread out to find a work that resonates with you in relation to a Core course you have taken or are taking (or in other ways).
Limited to 12 students, please register below at the bottom of this pageParticipation followed by a written reflection (prompt shared week of, reflection due by 3/4/24) counts as one HIA event.
Thursday, March 14 from 3-4pm ● Animals at the Kelsey ● Happened at the Kelsey Museum of Archaeology“Animals abound in the Kelsey in the art and artifacts of the ancient Middle East, Greece, Egypt, and Rome; [you’ll] see depictions of animals in a variety of contexts—as workers, pets, food, symbols of deities, and decoration.”
Limited to 12 students by registration here.
Participation followed by a written reflection (due by 4/1) counts as one HIA event.Reflection prompt: The two typed, double-spaced pages should note what you saw (highlights, overview) and describe how the Animals exhibit resonates with a Core course you are taking or have taken, a course you are taking or have taken (if not Core), or, if neither of the above, a good reflection on why it resonates with you in any way. Please send reflections to, March 14 from 5:30-7:00 ● Artist Talk with Machine Dazzle ● Happened at the UMMAOuroboros installation is open 3/14-8/25 at the UMMA
The Honors Program is co-sponsoring Machine Dazzle’s residency at U-M!
This HIA event asks you to attend Machine Dazzle’s artist talk, visit the Ouroboros exhibit in March, and respond to the combined experience in a reflection.No registration is required to attend the artist talk. You may visit the Ouroboros exhibit independently, without registering.You may also, if so inclined, register for a guided tour (1-2pm, Friday, March 29) (limited to 15 students) here. Participation followed by the reflection  due by 4/1) counts as one HIA event.Reflection prompt: please provide approximately two typed, double-spaced pages in which you reflect on Machine Dazzle's talk and the Ouroborus exhibit at UMMA, drawing any connections that can be made between the two, and then discussing how any of Machine Dazzle's work (talk, exhibit) resonates with you in any way. Please send reflections to

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