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Presented By: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

EEB Student Dissertation Defense - Interactions Between Viruses, Bacterial Hosts, and their Environment

Morgan Lindback, EEB PhD Student

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Morgan Lindback, EEB PhD student, presents their dissertation defense.
“In every blink of an eye (0.3 seconds), the number of viral infections in the ocean (3 x 10^22) equals the number of stars in the universe” (Breitbart et al 2018). With such high frequency and magnitude, viral infections of bacteria in the oceans have ecosystem-level impacts on ocean biogeochemical cycling and population-level impacts on whole microbial communities. I combine laboratory experiments (nanoSIMS and 'omics) and computational approaches (metagenomics) to understand the interactions between these viral infections and their environment. In this talk, I'll illustrate the impact viral infection has across macromolecules, population dynamics, resource use, and gene evolution.

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