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Step into the world of geoscience and ignite your passion for the planet at our 'Ask a GeoScientist' event, specially designed for undergrads who are exploring or have already chosen geoscience as their academic path. This is your exclusive pass to delve into the wonders beneath our feet with BOEM's leading GeoScientists. Uncover the exhilarating field of geology and geophysics, where seismic adventures and the guardianship of Earth's resources become your everyday.

This event is more than justa learning experience; it's a journey to the heart of our planet. You'lldiscover the dynamic stories told by every rock and seismic wave, unveiling the secrets of our Earth. Engage with experts about the latest research, understand the environmental challenges we face, and discuss the innovative solutions shaping the future of geosciences.

For those at a crucial juncture in their academic journey, intrigued by the mysteries of theEarth and eager to make a difference, this event promises a glimpse intoa career filled with discovery and impact. Join us to explore a world where your studies and curiosity about the planet open doors to endless possibilities.

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