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Manufacturing Research Seminar Series: Smart Manufacturing_Integrating In-Process Sensing, Big Data Analytics, and Modeling for Zero Part Defects in Smart Additive Manufacturing

Prahalada Rao, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Materials Engineering, University of Nebraska - Lincoln

Abstract: This talk concerns the following research question in the context of Additive Manufacturing (AM) of metal parts: how to overcome the existing poor quality of AM parts?

The answer to this question requires melding fundamental knowledge of the thermal phenomena that cause defects, with algorithms that can detect the formation of defects from data acquired by several sensors built into an AM machine. This solution in turn entails transcending the twin challenges of: modeling the complex thermal physics of AM, and Big Data analytics, wherein existing finite element modeling, and statistical machine learning approaches, respectively, are limited owing to their computational tortuosity.

Incidentally, an approach to overcome these challenges can be forwarded from the domain of spectral graph theory. The graph theoretic approach allows discrete approximation of heat flux in AM parts, which reduces computation time to minutes, as well as, facilitates data from different sensors to be analyzed simultaneously and quickly. The efficacy of this graph theoretic approach is seconded based on data generated and shared by collaborators at NIST, Penn State, and Edison Welding Institute.

Prahalada Rao is currently an Assistant Professor in the Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His research focuses on sensor-based monitoring of complex systems. He was recently (2018) awarded the NSF CAREER award for sensor-based monitoring and control of additive manufacturing processes. He earned the 2017 Society of Manufacturing Engineers, Yoram Koren Outstanding Young Manufacturing Engineer Award, and the 2018 IIE Transactions Best Paper Award. He is the area editor for the Quality and Reliability Engineering section of the IIE Transactions.
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When and Where

Map Chrysler Center - 151

September 2018

11:00am - 12:00pm

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