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Department of Astronomy pres.

Astronomy Colloquium Series Presents

Dr. Daryl Haggard, Assistant Professor, McGill University

Dr. Daryl Haggard Dr. Daryl Haggard
Dr. Daryl Haggard
“Multi-wavelength Probes of Black Hole Variability”

I will discuss the power of multi-wavelength observations of variable black holes (supermassive and stellar mass systems) to probe their growth and evolution. I will touch on our Milky Way's black hole Sgr A*, the Virgo cluster's M87, changing-look quasars, and the multitude of systems now being discovered by LIGO/Virgo. I will also briefly explore how we can continue to push this frontier with a next generation of observatories.

Please note: Should you require any accommodations to ensure equal access and opportunity related to this event please contact Stacy Tiburzi at 734-764-3440 or

Tea will be served beforehand from 3:00-3:30pm in Serpens.
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