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Climate and Space Sciences and Engineering pres.

CLASP Seminar Series: Dr. Andrew Dimmock

generic seminar generic seminar
generic seminar
CLASP is very pleased to welcome Dr. Andrew Dimmock of the Swedish Institute of Space Physics (IRF - INSTITUTET FÖR RYMDFYSIK).

Dr. Dimmock will give a presentation titled:
"Geomagnetically Induced Currents in Fennoscandia."

Abstract: Geomagnetically Induced Currents (GICs) are a space weather hazard affecting numerous large ground-based technological networks such as pipelines, telecommunication wires, and power-lines. They are caused by the geoelectric field which is set up from rapid variations in the geomagnetic field (dB/dt) and the conductive nature of the ground. GICs pose a challenge to forecasters due to their regional variability resulting from the complex and dynamic spatiotemporal behaviour of the ionospheric currents, and/or the regional variability of the ground conductivity. In many cases, both of these effects are important, making the spatial structure of the geoelectric field very complex.

In this seminar, the challenges associated with understanding and predicting the regional variability of GICs are discussed. A case study of the September 2017 storms is reviewed, in which unusually large GICs in the Finnish natural gas pipeline were recorded. Following this, statistical results are shown which quantify the spatial variation of dB/dt on spatial scales of approximately 500km. We also examine the potential contribution from localised conductivity features on GICs. The seminar is concluded with a discussion of ongoing research followed by open questions/discussions.
generic seminar generic seminar
generic seminar
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