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Aerospace Engineering pres.

Defense Dissertation: Design and Implementation of Mechanical Metamaterials

Brittany Essink

Brittany Essink

Chair: Professor Daniel J. Inman
Cognate: Professor Kon-Well Wang
Professor Henry Sodano
Associate Professor Veera Sundararaghavan

Presentation Info:
Date: 12/6
Time: 2:00 PM
Location: McDivitt Conference Room

The use of mechanical metamaterials, or metastructures, for vibration suppression has recently emerged as an approach to creating vibrationally resilient systems. Although many metastructures predict an improved performance, many have not been experimentally validated due to the previous infeasibility of manufacturing their complex geometries.

Additionally, existing research has only considered designs excited in one or two directions. This research successfully designs and fabricates the first multi-axis mechanical metamaterial design capable of attenuating vibration in three directions of excitation (longitudinal, transverse, and torsional) and experimentally validates its performance against FEM and analytical models.

This work analyzes cases where using a highly damped material will outperform an optimized geometry and determines a dividing line between material damping and vibration absorption in mechanical metamaterial design. These criteria can help determine whether it is necessary to undergo costly geometric optimization processes.

The peak separation capabilities of the multi axis mechanical metamaterial are considered for augmentation through a control system located on the distributed absorber system. A pole placement control system was introduced to adjust the natural frequencies of the absorbers. Additional insight on control use in mechanical metamaterials is discussed, including recommendations on when an active control system should be considered.

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