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Brain Busters is a great introductory event that introduces girls to computer science concepts and teaches them how to analyze and think critically when trying to come up with a solution for a variety of different problems. Brain Busters will bring together girls from all over southeast Michigan for a day of cs-related puzzle solving fun! Computers are not required! The girls will immediately be split up into groups of 3 to 4. Each group will be given a station to start at, and will rotate through each station over the day. Each station will have a different puzzle and computer science concept that the girls will have to master. We will start out with simple sorting and searching algorithms that will encourage the girls to come up with the most efficient way to go about sorting and searching. Through this activity, the girls will learn how computers “think” when they are sorting through data. The girls will also be given the chance to learn three different types of searching: linear, binary, and hashing. The next station will help the girls learn about how data in computers is stored and transmitted. This activity will be all about binary numbers. The girls will be given the task of making “binary bracelets” that spell out their initials. The third station will focus on decryption. The girls will spend some time learning about information hiding, and then will be given the opportunity to decrypt a variety of encrypted messages.The last station is based on the Travelling Salesman Problem(TSP) where the girls will learn about the problem through a hands-on activity and brainstorm different ways to solve it. 

Co-Sponsored By

  • Student Organization: Girls Teaching Girls To Code

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