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Michigan Institute for Data Science pres.

Data Visualization With 3D Graphics Using Unity3D and C#

Andrew Hlynka

Video game development is more accessible than ever before thanks to modern software tools, with many options free to download. These tools are also used to program more “serious” applications that require interactive 3D graphics, from mobile apps, virtual and augmented reality, computer vision and artificial intelligence, and real-time CGI film production.

Unity3D is a powerful and popular game engine for both hobbyist and professional projects, able to compile a ‘game’ to almost any computer platform, and free to download for non-commercial use. This workshop will show how you can use it to render data from research projects in a 3D interactive representation for user analysis and demonstration.

In this workshop, we introduce the Unity3D workspace, and prepare a demo that allows the user to load an example dataset and view it as a simple set of 3D representations. A basic familiarity with any computer programming language (C# will be used during the session) is recommended to get the most out of the workshop. To take part, users will be responsible to bring their own laptop with Unity3D (available for Windows, Macintosh and Linux) pre-installed. Additional project files will be provided to registered users ahead of the workshop date.

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