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University Career Center pres.

Wolverine eX: Knowledge Search with AlphaSights

Wolverine eX: Knowledge Search with AlphaSights--Applications open from Monday 6/22 - Sunday 6/28! Apply NOW!

Wolverine eX is designed for students whose summer plans may have been impacted or canceled due to COVID-19. The goal of the program is to provide students with an opportunity to continue developing professional skills and gaining practical experiences. The program focuses on "success" skills (e.g., collaboration, communication), specific analytical/technical skills that might be used within an organization (e.g., finance, analytics, marketing), and an opportunity to better understand how organizations operate through an employer-based experiential component with AlphaSights. Students who complete theprogram will receive a certificate at the program's conclusion.

Wolverine eX OVERVIEW

You will be required to commit 4-5 hours per week to the program by participating in virtual sessions and small, related assignments in between.

Week 1:Relationship Building Skills - Working With and Appreciating Differences
(Student builds collaborative relationships,and also values, respects and interacts well with others of different cultures, ages, races, perspectives, genders, backgrounds, experiences)

You will participate in a UCC-led session focused on diversity and/orintercultural development (ID). The world of work is evolving. As a future employee, it's important to know employers seek candidates who understand the value of diversity and can work across differences. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) aptitude is highly valued by employers who continue to find value in working in team-oriented environments. Having the ability to showcase “Global/Intercultural Fluency” is ranked one of the highest career readiness competencies by today's employers.

Week 2: Enhancing Digital Skills
(Student demonstrates effective adaptability to newand emerging technologies)

You will select one session from a list of specific “LinkedIn Learning” options and provides a copy of your certification of completion to UCC. The selection should either introduce you to a new skill or further your depth of understanding of an existing skill.Options for these sessions will include Excel Filtering, Data Stories and others.

Week 3: Communication Skills: Perfecting Your Presentation Skills
(Student articulates thoughts and ideas clearly and effectively)

You will participate in a UCC-led session on communication skills with an emphasis on public speaking. You will develop and present a 3-min presentation via video conference to a UCC staff member and 10 students from theexperience (a sub-group of the 30 student participants). All students present on the same topic, “The Future of Hiring in a Remote World” andwill choose their own area of interest.

Week 4: Knowledge Search with AlphaSights
(Student engages with the employer to demonstrate their professionalism, oral and written communication skills, as well as criticalthinking and problem-solving skills)

This session's employer partner,AlphaSights, will host two sessions:
1. "My World of Work" - This session will be led by AlphaSights and give a glimpse of their organization's cultures and values.
2. AlphaSights Mini-Case Session (providing students with the opportunity to tackle a current issue typically encountered in this line of work). This session will be led by AlphaSights. Students will then be given a "problem statement/prompt" and will be required to write a 1-page summary outlining solutions to the problem that has been presented.Your 1-page summary will be submitted to the employer for feedback and review.


Within 2 weeks after completing this experience we ask that you schedule an appointment with a UCC coach, to help represent this experience on your resume, as well as develop a plan for using UCC tools and resources to pursue their plans. Your certificate of completion will be awarded following this appointment.

You will find more detailed information within the google form application that is attached. Please ensure that you are available for ALL virtual sessions throughout the 4-week experience, as we are requiring your attendance in ALL sessions in order to participate in the employer week.

Additionally, if any sessions are missed we are unable to provide the certificate of completion. If you cannot attend all of the sessions please considerapplying for a different Wolverine eX.

Anyone is able to participate in this opportunity as this is an exploratory experience. We do want to inform you that AlphaSights is unable to consider individuals who may requiresponsorship in the future for its Associate Program and Summer Associate Program. Please note: AlphaSights does have some full-time language/transfer roles where they can consider individuals who require sponsorship to work in the U.S (e.g., Mandarin Speaking Associate, Korean Speaking Associate, Japanese Speaking Associate, Portuguese Speaking Associate).

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