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Panel For Your Thoughts Meeting

This is our meeting schedule for the F2020 Semester:09/24 1: The Trolley Problem10/01 2: Free Will vs. The Brain/Body (Biological Determinism)10/08 3: Authorial/Artistic Intent, The Meaning of Art, Supporting “Bad” Artists10/15 4: The Philosophy of Abortion and Contraception10/22 5: Human Nature: “Good” or “Evil”10/29 6: Netflix Party: Playtest (Black Mirror)11/05 7: ^Playtest Discussion + Limiting Innovation11/12 8: Animal Ethics 11/19 9: Antinatalism and Immoral Births12/03 10: Netflix Party 12/10 11: Netflix Party Discussion + Related Topic12/17 12: The Experience Machine

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  • Student Organization: Panel For Your Thoughts

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