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Presented By: Biomedical Engineering

BME 500 Seminar: Sasha Cai Lesher-Perez

Micro-Construction -- Building Homes of the Future for the Modern Cell

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Efforts to close the gap between in vitro to in vivo model systems have produced technologies that more effectively evaluate spatial, structural, and mechanical control mechanisms. However, existing in vitro models lack temporal regulation that captures the controlled, rhythmic processes that often occur in biological phenomena. A major contributor to this tech-bio mismatch is the difficulty to easily and sustainably scale our ability to apply timed oscillations, representative of biorhythms, in vitro. Developing technologies that are simpler and more adoptable for users, while ensuring higher throughput, have the potential to shift the way in which we establish cell cultures with a dynamic biorhythmic baseline.

In this talk, I will cover how my previous work in different technology platforms will be leveraged to establish next generation cell and tissue culture platforms that enable biomolecule timed oscillations in more complex microenvironments. First, I will discuss the development of microfluidic self-regulating circuits as a tool to produce modular chemical profiles on-chip at different timescales. Second, I will describe microparticle building blocks for the generation of customizable porous scaffolds that are porous, and consequently perfusable, enabling our ability to apply biomolecule timed oscillations through liquid flow to 3D scaffolds. Finally, I will describe my proposed research on establishing biorhythms in vitro and how these in vitro model systems will enable my research group to begin studying how stress within our lives lead to specific disease priming mechanisms.


Livestream Information

March 4, 2021 (Thursday) 4:00pm
Meeting ID: 94405051853

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