Willy Porter

Willy Porter Willy Porter
A virtuoso of guitar and song

communion between artist and audience. His concerts are one-of-a-kind events in which amazing guitar chops and songwriting merge into a single unit. Porter's acoustic guitar skills have drawn comparisons with those of Leo Kottke, who drew the young Willy Porterinto music the first time he heard the "6 & 12 String Guitar" album. He continues to stretch each show by incorporating performance art, live audio looping, and improvisational sketch comedy. Each tour date becomes a unique event, a musical experience much greater than just a review of past, present and future recorded work. The duo of Dave McGraw and Mandy Fer, who've just released their debut album, "Seed of a Pine," open the show.
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  • General Admission: $17.50, Reserved: $24.50