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Presented By: Department of History

Muscovy and the World

A Workshop in Honor of Valerie A. Kivelson

Philip II and Mary Tudor send drop envoys to Ivan IV in 1555 from the Litsevoi Letopisnyi Svod Philip II and Mary Tudor send drop envoys to Ivan IV in 1555 from the Litsevoi Letopisnyi Svod
Philip II and Mary Tudor send drop envoys to Ivan IV in 1555 from the Litsevoi Letopisnyi Svod
We are thrilled to share this engaging program in honor of Val. This includes papers from distinguished scholars of early modern Russian history, including Simon Franklin, Nancy Kollmann, Elise Wirtschafter, and Michael Flier, among a host of others.

We look forward to bringing together the incredible work of these experts in history, literature, and Orthodox theology in honor of Val’s remarkable mentorship, scholarship, and collegial generosity, past, present, and future!

Workshop Schedule:

Friday, November 4
1014 Tisch Hall

10:00 am | Welcome Remarks
Ronald Suny (University of Michigan), Nancy Kollmann (Stanford University)

10:30 am | Session I
Chair: Michael Flier (Harvard University)

“Incantations for Itinerants: On the Rhetorical Formulae of Petrine Printed Passports”
Simon Franklin (University of Cambridge)

“The Kielce Portrait of Henry Benedict Stuart”
Robert Frost (University of Aberdeen)

12:00 pm | Lunch (Provided)

2:00 pm | Session II
Chair: Daniel Rowland (University of Kentucky)

“Between Heroica and Erotica: A Dangerous Liaison of Jason and Medea in Litsevoi Letopisnyi Svod”
Elena Boeck (DePaul University)

“Reframing the Ushakov Tree: Who is Prince Mikhail?”
Michael Flier (Harvard University)

3:45pm | Session III
Chair: Fedor Maximishin (University of Michigan)

“Mapping Insubordination: Examples from Remezov’s Chorography”
Erika Monahan (The University of New Mexico)

“Creating Bureaucracy to Conquer Distance and Time”
Nancy Kollmann (Stanford University)

Saturday, November 5

9:00 am | Session IV
Chair: Erika Monahan (The University of New Mexico)

“European Ideas about Same-Sex Desire in Muscovite and Early Modern Russophone Texts”
Nick Mayhew (University of Oxford)

“Perepisyvaia Merkatora, Ili, russkie variatsii Kosmografii Gerarda Merkator (perevod 1637 g.)”
Olga Kosheleva (University of Texas at El Paso)

10:45 am | Session V
Chair: Forrest Holden (University of Michigan)

“‘Though I Married Her Unlawfully’: Prince Semën Shakhovskoi’s Defense of His
Fourth Marriage”
Russell Martin (Westminster College)

“‘The Air is Full of Evil Spirits’: Demonism and Confessional Polemics in
Seventeenth-Century Ukraine”
Maria Grazia Bartolini (University of Milan)

12:15 pm | Lunch (Provided)

1:45 pm | Session VI
Chair: Nancy Kollmann (Stanford University)

“The Penza Raid of 1717 as a Verdict on the Petrine Project in the Steppe”
Brian Boeck (DePaul University)

“Eisenstein’s Wars: Alexander Nevsky and the Forgery of Memory”
Joan Neuberger (The University of Texas at Austin)

3:30 pm | Session VII
Chair: Joan Neuberger (The University of Texas at Austin)

“The Blessed Host of the Heavenly Tsar Rides Again: Eerie Echoes of Muscovite
Architecture and Iconography in the 2019 Main Cathedral of the Russian Armed Forces”
Daniel Rowland (University of Kentucky)

“The Memory of the Mongol Invasion in Putin’s Russia”
Karen Petrone (University of Kentucky)

5:00 pm | Closing Session
Chair: Ronald Suny (University of Michigan)

To attend virtually, please register here:
Note: this event will consist of in-depth discussions on pre-circulated papers. For access to the papers, please contact Forrest Holden at

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